The process of my writing, such as breaking down my paper, improved my writing skills through planning, drafting and revising my papers. At the beginning of the semester, I did not use a process for writing. I skipped into the drafting stage of my paper without planning and after finishing my paper I did not revise it. Without the planning stage, the writing process took me hours to complete, and without the revision process I received a lower grade on my papers because of avoidable mistakes. In the social issue paper, instead of planning out what I would be writing I immediately went straight to writing. Immediately going straight into writing failed, because my thesis and ideas in my paper did not make sense. My main ideas and broad statements were introduced later in my paper rather than towards the beginning, which left my readers confused. If I had planned out my paper before the drafting process my main ideas would have been introduced earlier in my paper, so that my reader would understand what I was writing about. Another problem was the revising process with my paper. I did not revise my paper and turned it in without going back and finding mistakes. If I had revised my paper after drafting, I could have avoided mistakes such as vagueness and the transition of one idea to another.

After I was introduced to the planning, drafting and revising process I began to use those ideas throughout my papers. I began to plan what ideas I was going to use in my papers, the evidence to support those ideas, and how long the idea would last through my paper. I had trouble being specific and through planning my papers I began to avoid being vague and began to be more specific in my writing. I also began to use my transitional sentences between ideas while also planning which evidence would better support which idea. Without the planning stage, I had trouble explaining new ideas without being vague because I lacked evidence to support the idea. One example is the length of my social issues paper. The maximum requirement was four pages; however, I finished with six pages. I was unable to explain my ideas and because of this, I would type sentences which didn’t make sense to what my paper was attempting to explain. After drafting, I began to revise my paper. I found mistakes such as typos, unspecific sentences, and broad ideas. However, in the social issues paper, I did not revise and typos, unspecific sentences, broad ideas, misspelled or misusage of words were left in my paper. These mistakes were avoidable if I had revised my paper. After turning in my social issues paper, I was given the chance to revise my paper and turn it in for a better grade. By revising my paper I was embarrassed to see mistakes I could have easily avoided if I had revised. The planning stage improved my writing skills through organizing my ideas into separate paragraphs, instead of immediately going into the drafting stage without a clear idea on what to write about. The revision process improved my writing skills through fixing mistakes such as typos and vagueness, and by avoiding those mistakes in the future.


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