Research Ethics

Research ethics improved my writing and research skills through the usage of sources, and the quality of sources a writer should use in their writing, such as scholarly sources. When writing a research paper and arguing for or against something, the usage of sources is always valuable to convincing your reader. Before the semester began, I was taught that using sources in research papers were necessary but a student was not required to use them in every paragraph. However, towards the end of the semester I learned that in order to make a research paper convincing and credible, using sources in every paragraph is recommended. By using sources in every paragraph, my writing skills improved because I began to analyze more evidence in my paper. My research skills also improved because I was looking for credible sources to convince my readers. I was able to find the difference between credible and non-credible sources when researching for my topic.

My research ethics improved by research skills through the quality of sources I used in my writing, such as scholarly sources. Scholarly sources are sources that are credible, written by a specialist of that source’s field, and has been peer reviewed by other specialists. At the beginning of the semester, I had no knowledge of scholarly sources because I never heard of the term. I was taught that if an article did not have an author or if the source was Wikipedia, then the source wasn’t credible and I should stay away from them. During the third or fourth week of the semester I was taught the difference between scholarly and popular sources. I was taught scholarly sources should be used in research papers, although a few popular sources could be used they were not as credible. By knowing the difference between the qualities of sources, such as scholarly vs. popular sources, my research skills improved. One example of how my research skills improved was through the annotated bibliography I was assigned to do. The annotated required me to find scholarly sources online which could help me write my next research paper. I was able to find the differences between scholarly sources and sources such as popular ones, which I should stay away from while doing the assignment. Not only was I required to find scholarly sources, but I was also required to summarize and annotate the source I found which also improved my writing skills. My writing skills improved by analyzing the source and finding its claim. Analyzing the sources also improved my research skills by finding the key ideas of the source, and determining whether or not the source could be used in my paper.


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