Journal Entry #1

I learned that language can be considered an art form and can do things differently than other art forms. Language as an art form has a big impact on how we think and feel about different ideas and artworks. For example, language can generally persuade people to think or act in a certain way, such as during a speech. Language as an art form can also provide more freedom for interpretation, allowing different perspectives and cultures to have an opinion on an idea. Language may also provide different tones and diction which many other art forms cannot do. Language can also create a timeline of events, or a story, without the need for an individual’s senses. Aside from learning about language and its role in art, I also learned that the source of an individual’s writing, specifically creative writing, comes from the reader or audience. How the reader interprets the writer’s writing, is how the writer will be writing creatively which is aimed at that reader. I felt empowered by what we learned in class and how language can be a much bigger factor in art than other art forms. I think learning about language as an art form can help better prepare for writing creatively. How to express your tone through words and drive a reader through a rollercoaster of emotions just by writing and having them read, are some of the reasons why language is important. One way I can apply what I learned in class is to understand the audience first and set a tone as well as the emotions in my writing. By understanding the audience, they can better understand my writing as well as have the ability to visualize it. By setting the tone and the emotions in writing, the audience will understand the reasons as to why I would be writing a specific piece of writing, and also go through the emotions I went through.

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