Journal Entry #3

I learned in class today that in writing, being descriptive can be short and powerful. Words can dictate how an individual may feel or see different images. Sometimes in poetry or any writing, contrasting words can be effective. I also learned that in a personal essay, they are as the title states, personal. A personal essay has meaning which has meaning to you personally, which can help connect with a reader. Generally, personal essays are from your perspectives, and they create scenes which form from your experiences. I think learning these concepts and ideas are helpful to me as a writer and learner. Metaphors are also important in creative writing as they allow a more descriptive language in writing. They provide a better visual image to the reader. What we learned in class was very impactful, knowing the different ways to draw a reader’s attention. Learning about personal essays has also prepared me to write my own. The different modules or structures discussed, are ones I will be keeping an eye on when writing my personal essay.

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