Journal Entry #6

I learned in class that it is difficult to connect with your readers through writing unless you can provide references. Specifically for me, I provided a TV Show reference, but some of my group members did not understand the reference because they did not know where it came from. When providing a quote or referencing a TV Show or movie, I learned to always make sure to reference the title of the show or movie. Another topic I learned about was using dynamic verbs. Despite my personal essay still in its early stages, using dynamic verbs such as scramble rather than ran, could prove useful to the writer. These verbs allow the reader to receive a vivid image without the need to read a long description. I also learned to expand on my descriptions which would allow the reader to follow my paper accurately. The problem with my personal essay was that I left my readers hanging without descriptions, leaving them confused and wanting them to know more. I also learned that I should keep my tone consistent unless there is a big change in how I should express my writing. Having transitions to change the tone rather than jumping straight into a different tone, for example throughout my paper I was lost, confused but at the end the tone of my paper shifted into a dark and hopeless mood. I can definitely apply some of the things I learned in the workshop of my personal essay to improve on my paper and my writing.

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