Journal Entry #11

In class we discussed the scenes in small and larges which we wrote for our “Setting A Scene” assignment. The assignment was fun and creative, as I was able to not just write a story but to creatively create a scene. At first it was difficult, but as time went on and I was able to follow the model on setting/describing the scene first, I was able to effectively tell a descriptive and interesting story. It was also nice to see different perspectives from other people in my group. How they approached the assignment was completely different from how I approached the assignment. Some were shorter than others but very descriptive, while others had repetition which created a visual image of a character constantly reminding them of a scene. The challenging part to this assignment was developing a character for the reader and to fit into the scene. Setting the scene, the surrounding area on where the character is located, was much easier compared to developing the character. After discussing the scenes we wrote, we began examining different novels of different authors and seeing how they set their scenes for their story. Our group received Kafka’s The Trial, and although it was interesting it was difficult seeing the scenery through Kafka’s perspective. We did see the scenes through the character’s perspective which is what Kafka was aiming for. He placed the character in a situation and in a scene, and allowed the character to interpret and feel the scenes. Then he made the character interact with the scenes, but was not extremely descriptive on what was around. For example, Kafka did not explain the walls of the house, the weather, any objects in the room as they were all through the character’s lenses.

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