Journal Entry #14

In class we revisited several readings for creating a short story. Some of these readings had different key points and compelling situations which we as creative writers can use. I learned that a situation can be dramatic and compelling but also meaningful. What’s the meaning behind a compelling situation is what I hope to answer with the scenes I write. For example, in “A Good Many is Hard to Find,” the story had several compelling or dramatic situations but the meaning behind these situations was Jesus, or finding Jesus. Another example would be “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber,” by Ernest Hemmingway who had different compelling situations but the meaning behind the situation was for the character to find out what it meant to live. I learned that these meaningful situations stem from the different modes of conflicts such as, the triangle conflict, indirect opposition, miscommunication, and others. These modes of conflicts create the levels of conflicts. The levels of conflict as I learned were conflicts such as, a moral conflict, personal conflict, social conflict, political conflict, and others. Eventually these levels of conflicts lead to the answer we as creative writers attempt to answer: why did I create my compelling situation/what’s the meaning behind it? We also looked at the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” and examined the meaning behind the compelling situations. We learned that the meaning of the situations was to eventually lead to the revelation of the grandmother to witness and understand others. I learned that the best compelling scenes aren’t necessarily about what they’re about. For example, the grandmother in “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” was facing a life or death situation. But the meaning behind the scene was not focused on whether she will live or not, it was what she would eventually find out, a revelation. I enjoyed this class period because I was able to understand the idea behind creating compelling situations. The idea is to not just create one, but to also understand why; to create a meaning. I felt very determined and challenged as I wanted to finish my short story, and although it may seem difficult I think I’m up for a challenge. I’m optimistic and curious about my short story. Optimistic that I can finish my story by having a “hidden” meaning in the story, but also curious as to how it will end. I think I can use the creating of compelling situations into meaningful situations, and the levels of conflicts to improve my creative writing, specifically writing short stories. The levels of conflict specifically as they outline a set of conflict the story may focus on, which only the writer knows and the reader attempts to understand.

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