Journal Entry #16

In class we once again went over our short stories. We were assigned to create our ending of the short stories which I found to be difficult. In my creative fiction writing that I have done in the past, my endings had a twist but I attempted to stay away from those types of ending. I attempted to invoke some sort of life lesson for the reader towards the end. Because it was difficult I had to write out my entire story beforehand. The story felt rushed, and the ending I believe can be drastically improved. In class we went over the criteria for writing an effective, and essentially a good short story. We need to follow most of the outlining for a short story. We need to have different scenes, which allow the characters to develop, we need to have conflict within our main character(s), we need to make sure the reader cares about the character(s), and of course there needs to be key moments in our story. Much like myself many others had the problem of creating a key ending for their story, either because they were changing their stories, or had no idea where to go with their idea yet. Before class ended we went over a rubric for peer reviewing others’ short stories. We needed to look for a purpose in the writing, personal connections, writing to moments, creating an experience, having a place and scene, creating dramatic situations while having layers, and having character development (some if not all). I was a bit frustrated with my ending of the story, because I wasn’t sure how I wanted it to end. There were many ideas to my ending, but I chose one and I’m going back to redevelop and refine the ending. But after what we went over in class, I felt more comfortable approaching my short story (the entire short story), and reworking every scene. For my short story, I will be sure to apply the question as to why this story matters (as I feel my story doesn’t have a true purpose at the moment). Why it matters to me, and why it should matter to the reader is important, and I’m hoping to incorporate this into my short story as we progress in it. I also plan to apply more dramatic situations and to look for the things on the rubric within my own writing. For example, if I’m not creating an experience for the reader then I should do so when I write my short story. It’ll be difficult, but I look forward to completing it.

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