Journal Entry #18

In class we went over the ideas of what one’s short stories should do. They should try to make the reader think and feel about what transpired within the story. The idea of asking why we as writers are writing a particular story is important (if we can’t even answer it, then we can’t expect the reader to do so as well). Connection is key in stories; connecting everything from the first character introduced to the objects they encounter, is very important. Attempting to piece and connect things together is difficult, but not impossible. The problem I have with my short stories and writing is connecting together every piece. For example in my current short story, I introduced a character that was never seen, described, or heard from again. He was a mystery man, and although he added suspense, he didn’t provide any important. He didn’t connect with the rest of the story or characters and I felt the need to remove him. After discussing the lesson plans, we continued workshopping our short stories. I received valuable advice from my group mates, from describing the physical characteristics of Robert to the importance of characters in the story. There were also timeline conflicts which they suggested to fix (which I will do so). But overall, they enjoyed the evolution of my short story. There comments and suggestions allowed me to gain a new perspective on my story and change the direction I was heading with my story. Coming into class I was uncertain on what I needed to do to improve my short story, but after leaving class I felt motivated and positive about the direction I was going with it. Applying the ideas I learned from class will be difficult, because sometimes answering the question of “why did you write this,” is challenging. It was challenging for me at first, but after awhile I realized why I was writing this particular piece. But it will be challenging to find purpose in my future short stories and creative writing, but I’m up for that challenge.

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