Journal Entry #19

In class we went over character development, a continuation from the previous lesson plans. We discussed how characters are essential in a story, and discussed the importance of characters over the importance of the plot (generally a plot is developed through the characters). We moved into dialogue; the importance of dialogue, what they mean, and to make sure in creative writing to make dialogue and speeches important. To develop an interesting character or one who the readers will care about, the writer must describe what the character wants as soon as possible. What a sentence means or what you believe it means is also important and can affect the reader. We also learned that we need to bring in our emotions into the story; pretend we’re the character, feeling, thinking, and doing. If the character is in the cold, we’ve all been in the cold once in our lifetime, so we can use those feelings and place it with the character. Risks, even small ones, as well as following the three Cs (Caring, Conflicted, and Curious) allows the reader to be invested into the character(s). From what we learned in class, I took the most out from the dialogue. My stories are sometimes dialogue-driven, with most of the story having conversations and speeches. But after going through this lesson, I looked back at my stories and realized some of the dialogue I had were not as important as I thought they would be. It’s easy to place a conversation in a story, but having meaning behind those conversations is difficult. Sometime else I took away from the lesson were the method acting and emotions; placing my own emotions within the character(s). After this lesson, I felt very positive and encouraged to continue my writing. My stories are not perfect, and they will never be perfect, but I can make it as perfect as I can from the lessons I learned today. I myself also felt risky, because some of the things I learned I never applied to my writing before. For my next piece and my revisions for my current piece, I’ll be sure to add in things I learned today within my characters. Overall, I’m very curious to see where my stories will end up and where my writing will end up as well.

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