Journal Entry # 20

For this class, we were given the opportunity to workshop different short stories (nonfiction or fiction), or poems. Not only was today the last day of class, but it was also the day where my paper was workshopped. My short story followed the journey of a psychopath, who wanted to find peace within him and in order to do so he realized he needed to tell his story to a strange man from the local newspaper. The idea behind the story was to help the character find forgiveness, but through the actions and thoughts he had, he realized that he has gone mad and that there was no way anything he did or didn’t do could help him. My classmates were able to provide feedback for me, allowing me to improve on my story and develop my writing skills. Overall, my classmates found my story (judging by the comments) to be great, but there were a bit of confusion here and there. For example, a confusion which many of my peers had was the concept or idea behind the story. More specifically, the scene of the main character was not described too vividly. My peers believed that the character was in limbo, or somewhere between heaven and hell, telling his story (which I actually thought was a good idea, maybe I should write a story about that), while others believed he was in jail or a mental institution. This confusion allowed me to go back to my story and rather than specifically and directly telling in the story where he was, I hinted the location. There were other feedbacks, such as an out-of-character dialogue or actions, which I managed to go back and change in my final draft. Overall, I was nervous when going into the workshop. I thought my peers weren’t going to particularly enjoy my story or find it too dark, but they provided helpful feedbacks and most enjoyed it. Coming out of class and the workshop, I found myself to be a bit more confident on how I wanted to end the story, and which direction I wanted to go into with it. I think the overall workshop idea has helped me develop my skills as a writer, particularly this larger group peer review/workshop. I was able to see the perspectives from different students not just on my paper, but on papers workshopped before mine. To me, I always try to write for other people while describing some emotions that I could possibly go through, and seeing the different perspectives has allowed me to have a new sense of direction on using perspective to write stories.

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