Lined up, ready to take charge,
Drowning in independence,
Drowning in freedom,
Swimming to reach the top.

A vast ocean of information,
Waiting for my mind to dive into,
They hope to enlighten me,
They hope to teach me their style.

They hope that their imagination can overtake mine,
They hope that my lifestyle was that of a canned fish,
No life, not being able to swim,
Always stuck without a care in a world.

The sand they threw at us,
The tsunami they created to slaughter us all,
Halting our lungs so that we cannot breathe,
Teasing our minds so that we cannot understand.

But I understand now.
I understand that they challenged us,
To help us create a better tomorrow,
To help us create and defeat challenges,
To help us make mistakes to learn from them.

Indeed I understand,
That at one point in my life I misunderstood,
What it means to learn from others,
To learn from those within my own sea.

I was a goldfish when I was young,
But now, as a shark, I am ready to eat the blood of success,
To learn from others,
To adapt into different cultures.

But the most important thing I learned
Was to never assume things that I never fully understood.
I understand now, that those who created tsunamis and threw sand at me,
Only wanted to challenge me to be successful.

As I continue to wander through the ocean,
I always question what will come next,
And why some never understood the meaning of,
Higher Education.

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