Nick Lee is an Instructional/Attendance Services Assistant II at American River College in Sacramento, California.  He graduated in 2016 from the University of California, Merced with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Writing.  He finished his Master’s Program at Sacramento State for Educational Leadership & Policy Studies in 2018.  Nick is an aspiring educator and leader r and is striving to develop student success by aiming for equity and equality for all students.

At UC Merced, Nick joined the Fiat Lux Scholars Program in hopes he would succeed as a first generation college student.  He then worked as a Community Scholar, Leader Scholar, and a Student Coordinator with the focus of being a peer mentor.  Nick’s passion for writing was also rediscovered at UC Merced as he decided to minor in writing during his second year.  He then took the opportunity to pioneer the Fiat Lux Scholars Program’s monthly Newsletter, serving as an editor, writer, and designer. During Fall of 2014, Nick applied for the Instructional Assistant position for the Merritt Writing Program in hopes of assisting students and continuing his passion for writing. As an Instructional Assistant, Nick has been entrusted to assist professors of an assigned Writing 10 course while also hosting tutoring services at the Writing Center. In 2016, Nick’s creative writing piece, Dear Mr. Comma, was published to the UC Merced Merritt Writing Program’s journal, The Vernal Pool.

At Sacramento State, Nick began the pursuit of his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies in Fall 2017 and finished his degree in Fall 2018.  During his time at Sacramento State he was able to develop equity reports, understand the role educational administrators play in TK-12 school systems, and understand the need to pursue equitable educational environments while using best practices to aid and support students.  His culminating project/thesis was focused on developing effective partnerships between colleges and high schools, specifically with high school college readiness programs.  Nick was invited to present his study at Sacramento State’s Multicultural Educational Conference in March 2019.

“3 by 30”

Nick served as an Instructional Assistant in the Reading Across the Disciplines (R.A.D) and the Writing Across the Curriculum (W.A.C.) program at American River College.  He provides reading strategies and overall student success in the R.A.D program while also providing writing consultations in the W.A.C program.  Nick also aids students at the local high school, in conjunction with his position as an Instructional Assistant, in the AVID and CECA programs.  Additionally, he provides classroom support for reading and writing programs.  Nick hopes to pursue his Single Subject Teaching Credential in the future in hopes that he can begin teaching at the high school level.  His goal is to achieve “3 by 30,” in other words, he wishes to pursue and obtain his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees by the age of 30.  His lifelong career goal is to serve as a Principal or a Vice-Principal for a TK-12 school.

Be sure to check out Nick’s LinkedIn Page 

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