Listen To The Poet:

Rights not implied through the rights of our fathers,
Political correctness grew bigger in our time,
Free speech is thought of a natural right,
Correctness has shown that in our time it’s become a crime.

Enclosed by my box full of silence,
I have no choice but to hold my breath under my voice,
They criticize man of his point of views,
They leave man with no other choice.

Technology advances because of man,
History has dictated that the voice of treason
Becomes a life made for better parts,
It acts as a voice of reason.

Now man stands where technology has advanced,
It has become a life full of meaning,
They can’t stop technology from growing,
So they stop man by doing a simple screening.

Our fathers would not think of rights as these,
Technology never existed for them to take away,
Stopping man now won’t stop them forever,
It will only start their forever dismay.

Say what you can now and pray for the best
They will not make a terrible mistake,
Where technology will no longer be viable;
If our rights don’t exist, man will bite like a poisonous snake.

Originally Published on January 20, 2012 @ leewnick.blogspot.com

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