Day 4: With Open Arms–The Wrong Way

As the days go by, I’m re-imagining my blog. That’s a strange phrase to say, especially when you read it out loud. But to some extent, it holds some truth. I’m learning the ropes of WordPress, I’m learning how to blog, I’m learning the content and tags, and I’m learning to hold myself back when I don’t get new followers or likes on a post. I’m allowing myself to be opened to new ideas and experiences.

And that’s the thing about today. You need to open yourself up to new ideas, new experiences. If you can’t open those flood gates at the right time, be ready to swim. I learned that today, and boy, it was tough. When you’re out there, trying to imagine a new world–by new world, I mean trying to place yourself in new experiences–you forget to open yourself up to other things. You begin to focus on trying to imagine that new world, you forget to imagine other worlds. The world around you may be a bit more interesting, it’s something strange you never though you would come across. And it’s Day 4 into my blog, into my reflections, and I’m beginning to understand it a bit more. And by it, I mean the world around us–not society, but the people and things around us.

We try to open ourselves up to so many experiences. I could imagine myself constantly telling myself to be opened to new ideas. I’m bringing this new story or new idea to different people. I know some will love it, but others will hate it. Those who love and/or hate it will criticize me, they will explain to me the things wrong with it. But they’re also providing me new details. This is what we think of being opened to the world. But this is the wrong approach I think. I agree, this is how you open up to the world, but we forget to do something in the process. To be opened to the world of the world around us–I’ll coin the term metaopenness.

We focus on those who will provide us critique, experiences, details, and improvements. We focus on those who will provide us this, when we forget to focus on other things. While the person is telling you all these things wrong or great about your idea or product, you forget to see the new ideas passing by your foot. You forget to smell the lustful air. You forget to feel the soft touch of nature, or the breezy wind blowing across your shirt. You forget to experience what’s already being experienced.

Being opened beyond being opened–strange I know–is what we forget to do. Our focus is on our goals. We need to receive criticism, because this is how we will grow. We need to receive criticism because this is how our product or idea will improve or expand. Yet we forget to focus on the world around us. We try to make new worlds, new experiences that we forget to experience the ones that already exist. And once we forget, we forget to use those experiences as ways to help us improve and become better in this world. I’m still in the process of thinking about this, the idea of metaopenness–is that even a real thing? To experience the experienced, to be opened to the already opened. I think I’ve been telling myself to be opened in all the wrong ways. As we approach Day 5, I’ll work more on this idea of being opened with open arms. Wishful reading everyone 🙂

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