Day 5: Rolling Through

I think I have a knack for not writing on Sundays. It’s a strange phenomenon. Anyways, I think I’m getting better at structuring or finding a structure to these reflections. Actually, they shouldn’t be structured. No rules, nothing. Just me writing about today, the goals, the experiences, hardships, mending of hardships, and of course among others.

I did manage to post my short story (working draft) onto my WordPress blog (this one), so here’s a quick, cheap advertisement about it. It’s a lengthy twenty-four pages long, so I’m breaking them up into chapters (sections, as I would rather call them), and I’ll post them every day until the ending.

Anyways, back to the reflection. So it’s interesting to note the title of this reflection. I generally don’t title my reflections until after I write the content, but for some reason, “Rolling Through” just stuck out to me. I think that’s what we’re all trying to do in life, roll through it. But we forget to experience it. I mentioned in my previous reflection on the idea of open arms, but we forget to experience something in the process. We forget to experience the arms itself. We’re so eager to accept the idea of openness, the idea of “opened-arms,” that we forget to feel the warmth, the physical touch, the nurturing ways of the arms.

I think we pay less attention to the arms than anything else on the body. We forget that our arms generally guide us to directions. They can help us survive, but at the same time communicate with one another. It’s tough without them, but we take them for granted in some way. And that’s the thing about opened arms. We take being opened for granted. We mention how we’re constantly opened to new ideas and experiences that we forget about ourselves. We forget that there are those who can’t be opened to the new ideas as well. Bosses, corporations, Presidents, they say they’re opened to new ideas and experiences, but they have set rules and guidelines. We forget the idea of what truly being opened is. Being able to take those experiences and make something out of it not just for yourself, but for everyone else.

But that’s enough of open-arms. I think we’re at that point where I try to explain too much of a concept I’m not even familiar with. Back to the title, as I was mentioning. Rolling through the semester is something I find myself to have difficulty in. Towards the end of the semester, I’m tired from all the work. I don’t complain, but it’s okay. I feel like a steam engine on its last tank of well, steam. I’m still moving, but for how long is the question. I’m not burned out or anything of that nature, but it may seem like I am the way I describe it. But I’ll always move, that’s my goal. Wonderfully overwhelming is what I like to call it. I’m a steam engine on its last tank of steam, but its an endless supply of steam, of gas, I’ll never stop. I’m rolling through the barricades, obstacles, and nothing’s going to stop me. It’s only a matter of time before I roll through into another steam engine who also has an endless supply of steam. I wonder how that will work out. Wishful reading 🙂

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