Day 6: The Little Things

Thou CowI’m sure everyone has heard of the saying, “enjoy the little things in life.” Despite it being so cleverly cliche, it’s true. You have to enjoy the little things in life, because those are things that make you a better person.

Earlier today, I was walking with my co-worker after a decent workshop, I mention decent because we thought we could do better. But anyways, we were walking and talking about the Student Coordinator position I applied for. And the strangest thing happen on the way back down to the parking lot. He mentioned that without a doubt I would receive the position. And that comment may not have seem big, but it was monumental to me. The fact that a co-worker of mine, a friend I should say, mentions this based not on the friendship but through experiences and observations said this, I was shocked, yet happy about the comment.

Leading up to the idea of enjoying little things, we sometimes overlook the beauty of comments. Someone mentions that your shirt looks nice or they like your hair. People will thank them, walk away feeling good about themselves. You could say they’re enjoying the little things. But that’s not true, is it? Taking the comment example, enjoying the little things isn’t just about feeling great about oneself after a comment. Rather, it’s feeling good about oneself and then constantly going back to that same comment, the same feeling. That is how we enjoy the little things. We often tell ourselves we enjoy the little things, but we never truly do. How? We forget the little things we enjoyed before like someone making a positive comment. We forget to remind ourselves that everyday of our lives since the day we were born, we were given opportunities to enjoy the little things. Regardless of how crazy and messed up our lives can be, we experience these little things everyday. Yet, sometimes we never take advantage of it, thus we constantly remind ourselves to enjoy those things.

It’s strange because I often overlook the little things. I often take these “little things” for granted. When given a comment, I thank the person then shrug it off. I forget what they mentioned and when time gets tough, I’m reminded to enjoy the little things, but I already am, I’m just not constantly “enjoying them.” And this is something I need to do more of. I need to remind myself of the little things that have happened in the past. Positive comments, times where just the smallest of things matter the most to me but not to others. And even the smallest of things that can matter. I shouldn’t overlook anything. I need to understand the different aspects of what experience. What I mean by that is, if I experience or see a flower, I need to look at that flower. I need to imagine that flower somehow playing a vital role in my life. And even if I can’t, I need to enjoy it. And when I forget to enjoy the little things in life, I can remember that flower. I can remember the great times, and thoughts when I saw that flower. What was I thinking, feeling, when I saw that flower?

This is why I have the image of that cow at the front of the post. It was during a class project in college that we produced “Thou Cow,” a Mosaic art-piece. What we did was we took pictures of students at UC Merced, and then combined them into a cow. And if you look closely, you can see the small images of students and faculty members of UC Merced. The idea of this cow is to bring out the bigger picture of enjoying the little things. When we enjoy the little things, we can come to terms to enjoy the entire world. The tiny images of students–the little things in life–can create this cow, the world. And when we can’t come to terms on what the world is, if we can’t see the bigger picture or enjoy the entirety of the world or society, enjoy the little things in life. Look at the smaller picture to enhance your vision of the bigger picture. One step at a time is what you need. Wishful reading 🙂

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