Our Silent Killers – Chapter 5: The Beginning

Read Chapter 4: The Twist

And I remember hearing a mysterious faint voice calling me over from a nearby closet, “Over here… Robert…” The voice sounded like Lucy, so I rushed to the closet hoping she was in it. I pried it open with my bare hands and there she was, Lucy, safe and sound. “Lu…Lucy! I’m so happy to see you! I’m so sorry for everything Lucy. I’m so sorry for yelling at you. I love you Lucy!” I said with a cheerful face, pecking Lucy’s cheeks. “Cmon, let’s go Lucy. You can’t stay in here forever!” I remember grabbing onto Lucy’s arm, but she didn’t budge. “Not yet…,” said a terrified Lucy.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I’m afraid, Robert… I can’t remember.”

I smiled and grabbed onto Lucy’s cheeks pinching them, “It’s okay now Lucy. Everything will be all right. Just don’t remember.”

“Can you please check then, Robert?”


I wanted to be the big brother Lucy never had, and so I played along with Lucy’s games. I checked the surroundings. I checked the racks nearby, the shelves, underneath the shelves, and the top of the closet.

“See, nothing. Let’s go,” I said.

“You forgot to check behind the closet…,” said Lucy.

I smiled: “You’re right. Let me go see.”

I checked behind the closet. And my breath was taken away for a moment. I saw a horrific figure. There, behind the closet, was… Lucy.

“Robert, there’s someone in the closet,” said the Lucy behind the closet.

I went to check the closet again, and sitting in the closet was Lucy, smiling. I was horrified as I stepped back away from the closet. Lucy said she couldn’t remember, because Michelle was right, she was already dead. They got to her already. I tried not to remember, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t stop my mind from running through my memories, through the thoughts I had, through the opportunities I missed. THUD! My eyes began to darken, all I could see was darkness and more darkness and I could feel my body slowly shifting down, gravity was doing its job as it pulled me down to the ground.

And here I was, lying on the ground, motionless with no strength to get up. I could feel the Shadow applying more pressure with his foot into my back. I was as good as dead, but even if I was to die I was finally happy because I was able to be Lucy’s big brother, or at least acted like it for a few minutes. But then, I began to remember something, something horrific that happened with Lucy.

I could remember the day my parents died mysteriously in the basement. Lucy was in the bathroom while the family continued to play Monopoly. I remember glancing at the power box near the stairs leading to the top of the house. And I remember seeing Lucy with a pair of pliers snapping the electricity wires. And as soon as she did, the lights went out and we were attacked by Shadows. And I could remember the night Miranda was killed. After Miranda and I had our conversation, Lucy stepped over to comfort me. “You okay??” asked Lucy. “You know what… Miranda… she’s a slut. Robby… I saw her kissing another man one day at our house, with tongue. I think she liked him, Robby, not you. You… you need to teach her a lesson… Teach them a lesson! We don’t needem… They’re going to kill us, I heard so from Jack when I was sleeping…” And I remember the night at the shack. I remember waking up, seeing Lucy looking down at me. “Wha… Lucy… Go back to sleep… what are you doing?” I asked. “What’s that in your hand? Where’d you get that from… Lucy…” I remember now. Lucy had stabbed me with a needle, injecting me with some sort of poison, making me forget the awful things she did. Maybe the poison wore off after several months, or maybe it was because I was bleeding to death, bleeding the poison out. I remember now. I remember how Lucy manipulated me in each situation. All this time I was worried about myself; I worried about Miranda or Michelle killing us, when it was Lucy who I should have worried about. The Shadows didn’t kill her tonight; Lucy was dead all along, and she was plotting with the Shadows, luring us into our own death.

“…hmph… Lucy… good job… You did it… you killed your big brother…” I said while coughing up balls of blood. “I only… I only… wanted to be your big brother… but I guess I’m glad I wasn’t… ha… I may be… dying Lucy… but you… you’re already dead to me…-… Mir…Miranda… Mi…Michelle… he-he… forgive me… Mom… dad… I… I love you… Robert… you take care now… you don’t have me… to carry you now… My past… my past won’t haunt me now…” As I said my final words I could feel my life slowly draining away from me, my eyes were being flushed out, no longer being filled with the sight to remember. I was no longer haunted by my past, by my Shadows. I could feel the Shadow grabbing my legs, and dragging me. And I closed my eyes one final time. Shadows continue to lurk behind those never wanting to move on, never wanting to let go. They continue to haunt, waiting for the time our past consumes us, and eventually kills us. No matter how hard we fight, no matter how hard I fought, this store was once again filled with silence.


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