Day 7: Getting Groovy – Writing to Conclusions

I haven’t been able to fully provide reflections on my day-to-day life. Sad, yes, I know. But I’ve been attempting to write more and more everyday. I’m sort of stuck on making stories and releasing them just because I’ve always wanted to. What will happen next is totally up to fate.

Anyways, we’re only on Day 7! We’re getting groovy as the title mentions, but what that means is entirely up for interpretation from anyone and everyone. I think I may have meant to say getting back into the groove, but anyways it’s tough to get into the groove of things.

But one thing I do want to discuss is this blog. I’ve named this blog after my name, of course, but in the short description I’ve also mentioned “Writing to Conclusions.” This is something I’ve been working on. I’ve been trying to answer what this means to me, and so far it’s still a big blur. What does writing to conclusions mean? How did I even get that title? Is there some sort of value behind it? But I may have come closer to answering those questions today.

First, I believe every writer writes to some conclusion. What that conclusion is, well, it depends on the writer. Actually, anyone who writes becomes a writer. Not necessarily an experienced or “good” writer (darn, I hate that phrase now), but they become writers. And overtime they can become experienced writers. Anyways, I believe every writer has some sort of conclusion, something they write towards. The overall question here is, why do they write? Why do we write? Why do I write? To answer the question, I have to incorporate the question into it. I simply write because I write to find a reason. I’m writing to find out why I write. I’m writing to this conclusion on finding the answers to well, answer why I write. It’s tricky, I know, but it’s worth it to think about it for a moment.

Some writers write because they write for fun or to get away from something. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s the thing. It’s still a conclusion. When I mention conclusion, I’m speaking on the idea of reason. Conclusion = reason, strange, right? Usually reasons cause or create conclusions, but in this case they’re the same entity. Reasons are conclusions because you’re answering the question of why. Why am I writing this piece? Well, here are the reasons. But wait, that reason suddenly appears to be a conclusion. I’m writing because of X, Y, and Z. So we write towards a conclusion, even if it doesn’t appear so.

Secondly, some writers write for conclusions. Regardless of what they write, they want that conclusion. They want to reach the end of their writing phrase. They focus not on the reasons being similar to the conclusion, actually they don’t even think reasons even exist. They want that conclusion immediately. Rather than answering the why of the question, the answer the how of the question. How am I writing this? How am I going to get to the end of this story? You can given reasons as to why you’re writing something, but to answer how is a completely different world to explore. How am I writing this? Well, I’m placing well-thought syntax, using dialogue, and whatever else there is to write this particular piece. Writers are writing to that ending, they’re not trying to find it because they already know where and how it ends. 

It’s easy to misunderstand the idea of writing to conclusions and writing for conclusions. But we know as writers is that as long as we have conclusions in our life, we need to work towards it. Whether we’re working to it or for it, we have to understand that conclusions conclude our life, strange, I know. Wishful reading 🙂

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