The Puppet Show – Chapter 4: The Puppeteer

Read Chapter 3: Becoming the Hero

“I’m not sure I understand Alex … This girl you helped out, she seemed very important to you. If it was any other girl, you were just going to sit back and let her get raped and possibly murdered, but once you saw who she was, you helped her out. Why?”

“You don’t understand do you, Scribus? When you’re in love with a girl, you do stupid things, because girls love that!

“So, you were in love? Who was she Alex?”

“Her name… her name was Angela, like an Angel sent out to be with me, to protect me. I knew her from high school. And the first time I laid eyes on her, I fell in love. She was beautiful. Her big blue eyes, short dark hair, perfect smile, perfect dimples, and she had a nice set of uhm, personality… Scribus, she was sent from God himself. She was the one I was searching for; she was the one I lusted over every day after school … I knew she was going to be the one.”

“But why didn’t she become the one?”

Scribus looked at me while his pencil laid lifeless on the legal pad; it reminded me of that scum whose life I batted out of the field. I looked at the pencil, then at Scribus, and he saw me motion for him to pick up his pencil with my eyes and so he did; that’s right puppet…

High school was the worst time period of my life. I was never the coolest, fit, or most muscular cocky guy on campus. I was short, chubby, and my sense of style was the mix of 1970s clothing with the 1990s; large, sagging, bell-bottomed, oversized shirts, and a medallion only worn by the cool kids. I walked around acting cool, trying to fit in, but I was never cool. I never kissed a girl in my life, nor had I ever gone a date before. I thought my luck with the ladies wouldn’t come, and I was destined to be alone forever. That’s what I thought, until I met Angela.

Angela, the angel sent from the divinity of heaven itself. She was the first girl to ever talk to me. She reflected the sense of beauty, style, and intelligence; she was the damn package any guy would want. I fell in love with her natural blue eyes which reflected the blue sky, and her short dark hair which was smooth and smelled naturally fragrant as it smelled like strawberries every day. She first talked to me during a class project, we were actually partners in crime for that project so she had to talk to me or else we would have failed. When I first met her, I found myself drooling a bit. Cupid was in the room that day, as I could feel an arrow pierce through my heart and time had stopped. She talked, but I didn’t understand a word she said because she was gorgeous. That day, she wore skin tight jeans, showing off all her valuable assets especially when she turned around. And her tight blouse, hugging the skin of her body, not wanting to escape; hell I wouldn’t want to escape either. She had to talk to me during the class project, but after completing the project she continued to be there for me, to talk to me, to be my friend. But there were times where I would see her friends snap at her for hanging out with a no-good loser, who wouldn’t have a chance at getting a prostitute into bed. But time and time again, she would reassure me that she loved hanging out with me and I felt that someone in this world cared about me. And I guess I was desperate for love, because I wanted to show her how much I loved spending time with her, and how much I cared about her.

Every day after school, I walked with her to the steps outside of our school. There we waited for her parents to pick her up; my parents worked so I had no other choice but to walk home, but I needed the exercise anyways. The two of us would chat, sometimes her parents would arrive but she wouldn’t notice. We first began talking about what we liked and what we disliked, our favorite movies, and our favorite dish. We both shared similar likes, with a few dislikes, but that didn’t matter to me because I finally had someone to talk to. But after some time, our conversations turned into something different. We began discussing the female and male bodies, our first love, and our sexual fantasies. I could tell we were meant for each other and that she was put on this Earth to guide me to a better life. But even with the subtle and not so subtle hints, I was a coward and I never asked her out. I always thought she would turn me down, because how could such a gorgeous human being like her, ever love and care for a hideous beast like me? She was the one, and I knew it, but I never took that chance and I never took that opportunity.

“Then what happened, Alex?” Scribus began to scratch the top of his scalp with his pencil, rubbing the side of the pencil against his skull.

“She left … Her parents decided to move to a different city, several miles away from me. She never said anything, she never told me.”

“Did you keep in contact with her?”

“Of course I did! I still had her phone number with me, and we called each other every day. We had the same conversations we had before she moved … But one day, she stopped answering my calls…”

“She stopped? Do you know why?”

“Hmph… maybe I was too clingy. I called her every day of every hour. I wasn’t her boyfriend or anything, I was just her friend. I guess she felt uncomfortable and ignored me. Dammit Scribus, she ignored me! That damn hoe ignored me! She didn’t tell me anything, she just ignored me! And the best part is… a week after she began ignoring my calls, she began to date a guy. That damn hoe, stringing me on, leading me on. I was so blind, so foolish to think a girl could ever love me. Scribus, she was my damn puppeteer, and I was her puppet, I was her damn dog.”

There was a long pause. Scribus continued writing on his legal pad, scribbling away.

“You know what … I should have just let that man raped her. Or maybe I should have joined in; yeah I should have done that. I would have been her puppeteer that night. But I thought, I thought I would be given the chance to be her hero, but I was too stupid to realize she didn’t want me. I saved her damn life, and you know what she did to repay me? Backed her ass up into the car and looked away. She didn’t want to see me, to see her damn hero.”

“Then why… why didn’t you do to her what you did to that man?”

“HA! Scribus, I ask myself that all the time. I should have killed her that night, I should have. But I didn’t think that was the perfect time to do so…”

“Is that why you waited?”

“Yeah … you can say that. I know I killed that man and he deserved every piece of my bat thrashing against his skull. But Angela … people say she didn’t deserve it, but I think she did. I think she deserved to die. Hoes and Puppeteers like that don’t deserve to live another day.”

Read Chapter 5: Never Forgiven

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