Day 8: A True Struggle

I haven’t been posting as of late on my blog, which is a shame because I was really excited to start a blog again. The people who have liked and followed me have shown me some of the best support I could ever get online, so thank you. But as mentioned, I haven’t been posting lately. There isn’t a real problem as to why I haven’t been up-to-date on my blog, I just haven’t found time to do so. With school and work, it’s been a hassle trying to find time to really sit down and write. I like to sit down and write, so it becomes a challenge to just write at any second I want to.

Anyways, these past few days, actually maybe these past few weeks, were some of the toughest and challenging days/weeks. Even to this day, and I’m sure moving forward, I have experienced “true struggle.” Financially, it’s been rough. Since the semester ended, working has been a bit slow. I’ve already used my financial aid to pay for rent and other bills, and I’m left with a small sum of cash for the remaining summer, until August that is. The cash I have left is enough to pay for rent for the next two months only, and I’m not sure if by August I’ll have enough money to even pay off my rent, let alone my other bills. So at the moment, I’m just keeping my head up high until something rolls along.

I attempted to take out a student loan, I told myself I wouldn’t, but it seems impossible if I didn’t. But my Financial Aid Office has mentioned that there was a cut-off date for taking out loans, and it was the week after I accepted the loans, lucky me. To make ends meet, I’ve felt that I’ve had to sell my soul. No more splurging, no more random eating out, no more fancy or expensive grocery items, it’s just what I need in order to survive through this summer. And I hate asking my parents for money, even though my mom borrowed about $300 from me, my stepdad recently lost his job and they’re trying to make ends meet as well.

But I guess there is a bright side to this, I have to look at the bright side–it’s the only way I’ll survive without tearing my head off, experiencing this financial struggle is great for me. Now, I know others are experiencing even worse conditions, terrible conditions that I could never imagine, and I wish I could help. I think this experience has brought me a bit closer to those experiencing those conditions. Never knowing if the next month you can make rent, or the next day if you could even afford to eat even one full meal. It’s an experience that has and is motivating me to do something for this world. I truly want to give back one I graduate from college and find a career. I want to give back time to those whom have helped me, and money to help those less fortunate. That’s the bright side to this situation. That sometimes the greatest struggle will allow you to see the biggest void in this world, and you can now find ways to fill this void. So for now, I haven’t fell off the face of the Earth, no. For now, I’m going to struggle through this situation, find a way to make ends meet, and in the future I’m going to help others experiencing this same situation.

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5 Responses to Day 8: A True Struggle

  1. I can definitely relate to financial struggles, it’s a very tough thing to go through and extremely stressful. I’m currently in the same boat, well, a similar boat. Although it does cause tension, it also makes you appreciate those special things that used to seem so small and normal. Something as simple as eating a meal that costs more than $5 seems extravagant. I admire your desire to help others that relate. These things really do humble a person in many ways. You’ll get through this! 🙂


    • Nick Lee says:

      Thanks for the support. It’s actually nice, sort of, to see others in the same position as I am because it reminds me that I’m not the only one experiencing this. Good luck with your journey as we both find a way to get out of this boat and onto a fancy yacht–so to speak, one day. Keep your goals in mind and be positive, you’ll make it through! Best of luck 🙂

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  2. The Stuffed Pig says:

    I am sorry to hear that you are struggling financially. I can tell you from experience that things always get better! Sometimes the greatest lessons we learn in life are from the challenges we have faced.


    • Nick Lee says:

      Thank you for your kind and inspirational words 🙂 The greatest lessons are definitely the ones we learn from challenges. As you have experienced this struggle, what was it like? How were the first couple of days, weeks, months, and/or years? If you don’t mind sharing 🙂

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      • The Stuffed Pig says:

        I was living in a studio apartment that I had to pay for myself and going to college at the same time. Through most of that time period, I had to balance 3-4 jobs as I tried to keep up my studies so I could maintain my loans payments. I don’t even remember when I slept! When college ended and the new chapter began, I found myself deep in debt and had to penny pinch my way out. I picked a lousy field to go into because I’ve been laid off too many times and most recently during the Great Recession. What helped me survive was my learned skill of penny pinching. At least during this last layoff, I had enough in savings to get me through until I found another job. My income level still isn’t where it was since before the recession. Wages haven’t made that much of a comeback and I’ve had to adjust my lifestyle to accommodate the shortage. Life is hard, especially when you’re young and starting out. There are still not that many opportunities out there and for the sake of everyone I really hope the economy improves! I will be working on an article regarding student loans and I’m going to research solutions to make repayment a little easier! Stay tough! 🙂


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