Scribble #1: I Once Had a Scary Dream

Prompt: (1) Take 30 minutes and write a story about your scariest dream or dreams. Don’t pass up on any details! OR (2) In 500 words or less, write a story about your scariest dream/dreams.

Share your responses! *These aren’t expected to be the perfect stories, just quick-writes.

“Knock, Knock,” as a tap on the door rang out.

“Who’s there?” I looked towards the vibrating door with the sound echoing against the room. There was no response. Only the sound of an empty room and empty home. “Who’s there,” as I stood up and approached the door. Again, no answer. I reached for the door knob. My body moved and twirled, it felt like I was on a merry-go-round, spinning in circles without an end in sight. I touched the door knob. The metallic ice sent shivers through my body, touching my toes before racing back to my scalp. I could feel the piercing cold breeze flowing through my veins as I turned the knob. The door flung open, and darkness spread throughout my room. I closed my eyes.

I opened them again to see nothing more than the darkness surrounding my once messy room with its mound of clothes piled on the floor. My home was now gone, devoured by the darkness. I stood alone. Only myself and the memories I carried.

“Who’s there?” as I crouched down into my knees, covering my face away from the darkness.

“Loneliness,” said a faint voice.

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