Scribble #2: The House

Prompt: (1) Finish the following sentence, “As I approached the deserted house at the end of the road, I saw…” THEN in 300 words or less continue to describe what you saw. OR (2) Take 30 minutes and describe how your future house/home would look like.

Share your responses! Remember, these aren’t expected to be perfect.

As I approached the deserted house at the end of the road, I saw a man staring into the empty windows.

He had on a dirty brown jacket and wore ripped blue jeans. In his hands was a beautiful array of flowers, a bouquet only for someone special. He stood at the slanted curb, near the cracked street ready to erupt and swallow an object whole. The man began to sway back and forth, balancing his body on the sidewalk and the other with the street. I saw him smile as I approached the house. He stopped swaying and looked down at the bouquet.

His head turned to stare at me. I could see his white eyes and white specks erupting from his face. Mounds of black moles covered his head and he smiled at me. He turned back around to look at the house rubbing his balding head. He hunched over, showing the large lump between his shoulders. He was defeated. I walked past the man, but he never budged. He smelled of manure and as I walked past him, I saw a pile of dirt being dragged along the sidewalk. The dirt led to the man’s bouquet of flowers.

As I turned around, I see the man approaching the home. He rang the doorbell as the door swung open. He approached inside as the door slammed shut, echoing a sound which vibrated the surrounding streetlights. The man was gone, and so was I.

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