Scribble #6: The Superhero

Prompt: Take 30 minutes to finish the following sentence and write a story following it, “I didn’t plan to be a superhero, but that all changed when I was bitten by a _____. “

Share your responses! Remember, these aren’t expected to be perfect.

I didn’t plan to be a superhero, but that all changed when I was bitten by a bedbug. The location of the bite itched for several days before becoming inflamed. At first, the area of the itch was swelling, then the size grew and grew. I was unable to sleep as rolling on the side of the bite caused me to shriek in pain. Weeks had gone by, but the bite had not subsided. One day I woke up to the powerful pain once again. As I opened my eyes, I looked down at my arm, the swelling began to pulsate. Then, it burst.

Ooze of slime filled the room, and then darkness. My eyes were closed but in a matter of minutes I opened them. The world changed around me. The bed I laid on grew ten times its size. I tried to move, but to no avail. My legs were hammered into the ground, unable to stand, unable to crawl, unable to move. I screamed. No one could hear me. I screamed again. No words, no sound. Not a single footstep coming my way. As I looked down at my hands, I noticed something strange. My arms were dark and were zigzag shaped; claw like figures sprouted from my fingertips. I looked at my legs and they too were dark and shaped like claws. But I realized I was on my fours, crawling like a beast on the ground, burden by giants.

My legs moved but my mind did not. It was as if instinct of this new found body moved me. I crawled across the room, up the bedpost and onto the pillow. My once ailing legs, unable to move to my simple request, now moved on its own. And I felt something touching my cheeks. A touch of feathers, or possibly hair. Prickly, like that of the hairs on a rose stem. It tickled. As I looked up, I saw these sticks moving above my head, waving around in the air. They moved on their own. And out of instinct, I moved again. My body wavered across the sheets and onto the pillowcase again. My sticks touched the pillow as if I was looking for something. My stomach growled, and my tongue stuck out with a pincer like figure. A familiar tasted invaded my mouth; it was the taste of blood, my own blood. I knew at that moment, I had become … Bed Bug Man (BBM).

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