The Stare of a Toddler

The store was packed as always, but Andrew needed to buy some Tylenol for his headache that hasn’t disappeared for several days now. As Andrew approached the medicine aisle, he caught the glimpse of a toddler in the rear of his eyes in the shopping cart. He looked at the toddler and smiled at him, while continuing to browse through the section. Andrew finally found the cheapest Tylenol bottle he could and walked out of the aisle, but he had a strange feeling, a cold presence touching his shoulder. He looked behind and saw the toddler still staring at him. His mother still looking for her own items. Andrew smiled at the toddler, but the toddler did not smile back. Instead, he looked on with his black beady eyes and his mouth opened, drooling. Andrew turned back around and walked out of the aisle and to the cash register.

As he approached the line, he noticed another toddler staring at him. The toddler, much like the one in the medicine aisle, was in a shopping cart, smiled at Andrew with his mouth opened. Andrew smiled, and tried to look away, but the toddler continued to stare. Even when his mother and father attempted to talk to the toddler, he was unfazed. Andrew looked around, hoping to find a faster line, but all of them were long. His chest began thumping as if his heart was going to explode, sweat began streaking down his face bleeding from the top of his scalp, and his legs began to violently move. As the line began to slowly move, more and more parents with their small toddlers began approaching the lane. Andrew looked down at the ground, and attempted to compose himself. As he looked up, he saw the blank stares of several toddler looking into his direction. There were toddlers in front of him, to the side of him, and to the back of him. He was surrounded. The store began to spin over and over again, and finally Andrew collapsed to the ground. His eyes fully opened, and all he could see were the toddlers hovering over him, staring.

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