Scribble #7: He Said, She Said

Prompt: In a case of “he said, she said,” write a story which consists of two (2) characters reflecting on the same event but through their own point of view. A simple example would be describing the events of a date from two different perspectives (maybe one liked the date, but the other didn’t).

Share your responses! Remember, these aren’t expected to be perfect.

POV 1:

I was late for work, like usual, but my boss didn’t really mind. I think he sort of understood why I was always late; my kids had to transfer to a new school, and he was a really laid back type of boss. Anyways, as I arrived at my office, I ran to the building and barely managed to squeeze into the elevator. I finally got off on the floor and walked to my office. There wasn’t anyone on the floor, which I thought was strange, but I knew I had gone off on the wrong floor. Because as soon as I walked into my office, there I saw my boss and this girl from the 23rd floor, who was a rare breed of sexiness and smart, a unicorn, doing the nasty on my desk—well, her desk I guess. I don’t think they noticed when I opened the door, but when I dropped my briefcase, they were startled. My boss shoved me outside and told me that he and she were in love, and that I didn’t see anything. I was silent and nodded my head, before he exploded. He yelled at me, called me stupid, and claimed how I was always late, which was true. He told me to get back to work and that I was going to get punished later today. He said I wouldn’t get fired, but a severe punishment was in order. He kept screaming at me as I took my briefcase and walked back to elevator. My workplace not only frowns upon office relationships, but they fire people too! I guess it should be fine, since it was my boss, but I’ll just say I didn’t see anything and forget about it.

POV 2:

I arrived to work early because as the owner of this company, I had to be prompt and show my willingness and dedication to come to work. But there are a few workers who arrive a bit late every day, and I’m okay with that, but then there’s this employee who works on the 33rd floor who’s always late. I make an exception for him because he and his wife are going through a bit of a hole, she recently filed for divorce. She left him with their kids, so I didn’t want to be that asshat boss who fires someone that just got divorced. Anyways, there was another reason why I arrived so early, especially today. The 23rd floor was having their weekly morning meetings, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Carly. She was a previous model, and was stunning to look at. I mean, you could look at her for days and drool for a very long time. She was the combination of sexy and smart, a unicorn really. But she and I had something in common, we both loved the same things, hated the same things, and you know the usual love-dovey stuff. Anyways, today was the day Carly and I got a little bit too frisky in her office. And right as we were heading down to do the dirty, what’s his face walked into the office. Now, I guess he was standing there for a while, because we didn’t see him, but he decided to drop his briefcase and then we noticed him. I pushed him out of the office, because Carly was half-dressed, and calmly told him that what Carly and I had was special. I told him we were in love, and that I knew this wasn’t professional, but keeping two soulmates away from each other was unethical, immoral, and just downright wrong. I told him to get back to work, and that I would talk to him later. He left back to his office. Even though I am the boss, I just hope he doesn’t say anything.

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