Scribble #8: Remember That Childhood Item?

Prompt: (1) Describe a childhood item you were attached to, and what happened to it as you aged? OR (2) Describe an item (toy, food, etc.) you wanted as a child and why you wanted that item.

Share your responses! Remember, these aren’t expected to be perfect.

When I was young, I once had a necklace that I always wore. It was a necklace given to me by my dad, whom I have never met before. It had a gold chain with Buddha as the pendant, while many people thought it was a Christmas tree. The necklace was something I always wore, whether it was to bed, the shower, or playing sports. As I aged, the necklace began to shrink. In reality, I began to grow and my neck began to grow bigger making my size a bit too big for the necklace. I wore it all the way to my first year of college, before having to take it off. I only took off my necklace four times in my life, and now I no longer wear it. It’s in a safe space, and I always bring it with me when I have big days (exams, tests, interviews, etc.) as a good luck charm.

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