The World at Home

The World at Home, better known as CORE or CORE 01, is a required course for all UC Merced Students. The course takes on the role of many subjects, instructors, and disciplines as it explores elements of the world ranging from the origins of the universe, to society, to the world of art. CORE 01 is an interesting course that allows students to look at other disciplines and areas of study without attempting to become an expert in those fields. The following are a few of my works during my time as a CORE 01 student. In particular, the Cumulative Paper was the highlight of the CORE course as it was a group project and it allowed our group to present the infamous Cow Mosaic which hangs in the Classroom & Office Building 2nd Floor.

Essay 1

Essay 2

Quantitative Assessment 1

Quantitative 2 Paper

Quantitative 2 Presentation (Virus Outbreak & Action Plan)

Cumulative Essay