Writing 90: Intersections

Writing 90 Intersections was the crossroad course between professional writing and creative writing. The intended purpose of the course is similar to Advanced Writing (WRI 100), but focuses less on the academia and pedagogy and more on the genres of writing. Throughout the course we were required to complete several response sets, too many to upload here but is available upon request, as well as three major writing projects. Listed below are those three projects with a brief description.

Project I

Project I was the beginning of all projects in the course. We first had to come up with a Generating Principle, a complex version of a purpose of the writing, then write about anything using any genre we want to. My Project I focused on a lazy, yet motivating couch potato giving a speech about not being lazy.

Project II

Project II focused on not only the Generating Principle (GP), but also on the genres of writing. In Project II we were to pick one genre to write on and then switch genres to see how different the stories or form of writing was different or the same. For my Project II, I chose to write a letter to a fictional character named Mr. Comma about why commas are bad, and then a short story on why commas are evil.

Project III

Project III encompassed all of the things learned in the course while using the previous projects as samples. Project III focused on picking something we noticed or were inspired by and form some sort of, well anything, and write about it. For my Project III I chose to write about an advice column I noticed one day while reading Yahoo articles. The advice column was humorous, straining away from traditional advice columns.