Monologue: To My Friend

About this Piece

To My Friend is a monologue/eulogy given by a fictional character on the death of his best friend, Thomas. Both characters met in the 3rd grade and experienced bullying in school as they aged. The death of Thomas is ruled as a suicide and the character now relives the memories of his best friend through this short monologue. The character also reveals key reasons as to why the characters were bullied and what led to the suicide. The original monologue was written in a Play-writing Course at UC Merced. As a WARNING, this piece may be a bit explicit towards the end of the monologue. Enjoy the read!

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Graduation Day

The hairs on my arms are shaking, yet withering deep into my skin as the wind blows on my gown. I look out to see hundreds of students, on this day, and possibly their very last day here at UC Merced, with their caps and gowns. Many are crying while others are just smiling, and I too feel a wave of emotions streaking through my face and into my eyes. The sight of blue and gold, fashionable and funny caps, students taking selfies as we sit across the rows, I decide to close my eyes as I smile, knowing that I finally did it. As I look out in front, I can hear words coming from the stage. Words that are telling us to never give up, to strive for something better. I smile again, and nod. As the words continue on, I get the urge to just stand up and clap my hands over and over again to the sight of hundreds of students and their family members staring at me, but I manage to control myself. The commencement speaker says their final words as we all give them a standing ovation, watching the speaker walk to their seat, following them with our eyes, gazing at them. I look at the speaker, hoping to catch their attention, and if I do, I just wanted to reassure myself that today is real. The speaker looks the other way, as I sit down.

Then, someone begins calling students by each row. I look back up at the stage to see students walking across it, hearing the thundering clap from the grassy plains above us, and those sitting near us. And row after row it went, students shaking hands with others, hugging each other, knowing that they did it, that this was the end of a new journey. Finally, our row was called. I stood up, looked down at the grass and rubbed my hands together blowing into them. I turn to the side to walk down the row, waiting for my name to be called. I smiled and looked out to the cow land farms, the brown grass, spiked fences, and dirt road. I knew this was the last time I would ever get to experience UC Merced.

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To My Unknown Father

About the Piece

To My Unknown Father is a creative non-fiction piece first written in my Writing 25: Introduction to Creative Writing Course at UC Merced in 2013. The piece follows my story of not knowing my father and my journey into the unknown to find information about him. Since this was last written, some of the descriptions in this piece has changed. Enjoy the read!

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Overcoming Writer’s Block

The barrier that holds all great writers down, or does it help writers create something majestic? The Writer’s Block is something we all fear when we write, especially on a topic that’s just plain uninteresting or if we have a lack of knowledge on that topic. Before I get into how to overcome it, let’s talk about what a Writer’s Block is.

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Scribble #8: Remember That Childhood Item?

Prompt: (1) Describe a childhood item you were attached to, and what happened to it as you aged? OR (2) Describe an item (toy, food, etc.) you wanted as a child and why you wanted that item.

Share your responses! Remember, these aren’t expected to be perfect.

When I was young, I once had a necklace that I always wore. It was a necklace given to me by my dad, whom I have never met before. It had a gold chain with Buddha as the pendant, while many people thought it was a Christmas tree. The necklace was something I always wore, whether it was to bed, the shower, or playing sports. As I aged, the necklace began to shrink. In reality, I began to grow and my neck began to grow bigger making my size a bit too big for the necklace. I wore it all the way to my first year of college, before having to take it off. I only took off my necklace four times in my life, and now I no longer wear it. It’s in a safe space, and I always bring it with me when I have big days (exams, tests, interviews, etc.) as a good luck charm.

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