Scribbles are meant as a source for brainstorming your next writing piece/project (be that short stories, flash fiction, non-fiction, etc.). Scribbles are not meant to be perfect, but they can be continued and made into something! Each Scribble will consist of a Prompt; follow the prompt and post your own little story in the comment. I will also be participating in these scribbles as well. Go all out and scribble everywhere! Have fun!

Scribble #1: I Once Had a Scary Dream
Scribble #2: The House
Scribble #3: The 140 Club
Scribble #4: An Island
Scribble #5: Just 5 Things
Scribble #6: The Superhero
Scribble #7: He Said, She Said
Scribble #8: Remember That Childhood Item?