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The White Wall – Chapter 1: Memories

Arnold stared at the white walls of his living room. He anticipated that Julie would leave him, soon. And one day she finally did. He began to isolate himself from the world; he jammed his windows shut with his curtains … Continue reading

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Coming Up With Story Ideas

We all have hundreds of thousands of ideas for imaginative stories, but the moment we sit down to write, they somehow disappear. Or sometimes you across a great book or a movie and you think to yourself, “why didn’t I … Continue reading

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The Brave Little Spud

About the Piece The Brave Little Spud is a written speech from the point of view of a couch potato describing the art of relaxation and taking care of oneself. The speech criticizes how individuals forget to relax while praising … Continue reading

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My Hometown

About the Piece The following piece is a descriptive narrative of my hometown, in which I describe the surroundings, the community, and overall living situation. The purpose of this piece is to really try to understand my “home” and find … Continue reading

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Monologue: To My Friend

About this Piece To My FriendĀ is a monologue/eulogy given by a fictional character on the death of his best friend, Thomas. Both characters met in the 3rd grade and experienced bullying in school as they aged. The death of Thomas … Continue reading

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