The Not So Advice Column

(Intro: The following is a parody to advice columns. The below advice are not based on any true stories and/or questions. The creative work-of-art, so to speak, is meant to be satirical and in no means hinders on the importance of what some advice columns and columnists do. Please be aware, some of the advice and questions may contain profanity, offensive phrases/statements, and may contain offensive/dry/crude humor.)

About Me

My name is Richard Head. For short, call me Dick. I’m known as the hottest, bulging love guru around. I help the nerds become lovers. There ain’t any experiences that I’ve never experienced before. I love working out at the gym. I love working on my muscles. I love building my pecks! Every lady loves a man who has raging biceps.

Table of Contents

Day 1: May 20, 2015


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